Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you have a product that you want reviewed?

I am a mom of 4 chidren under the age of 10. Some of my friends call me supermom~ hense the blog name... I have been in the marketing industry for over 15 years and now enjoy the life as a work at home mom (WAHM). Over my career as a mom, i have had the pleasure of writing a few articles for various national publications on baby and maternity products and running a small business.

If you are a new company or a company that would like to take advantage of the new "viral marketing" concept, I enjoy reviewing products. I give my true opinion and tell it as it is. As we all know, moms are the top spenders in any household. We call the shots in most cases and rely on other moms opinions when making our decisions on products and services.

Contact me if you would like your product considered for a review on my blog.

Have a wonderful holiday season to all!

Free Shipping on Under Wraps Nursing Poncho

With all the last moment running around to mark Christmas gifts off your list. Victoria Laurin and Baby is offering FREE Shipping for all regular USPS priority orders placed by December 17th, 2009. You would need to enter coupon code TAMPAMOMS. This does not apply to previous orders or international orders.

Victoria Laurin and Baby was created in 2004 after the birth of the designers 3rd child. It was designed when the designer was working at her maternity boutique and needed to take her baby to work with her. This is a HIP and STYLISH alternative to the typical nursing cover up for breastfeeding mothers.
They come in all different colors, have their own matching drawstring baby. This is a must for all breastfeeding and new moms.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stroller Strides is adding a new class in Wesley Chapel

I wanted to pass along that Stroller Strides is adding a new 10 am class starting Tuesday, October 6th. I am personally so excited. I have wanted to try this concept for awhile and never been able to make it at 9am. That is tough for me as I have 3 catching the bus at 9am. I will be doing blogs about the experience. I have a 17th month and have not worked out a bit since he was born. I have gotten back to the pre-baby weight but we all know that things don't go back to the way they were with out working out!

Here is some info on Stroller Strides. Check them out and tell them I sent you!

Stroller Strides is a 1-hour full body workout for moms with their children in the Stroller. All Fitness Levels are welcome! The Wesley Chapel Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am at the Shops @ Wiregrass Mall. The class starts in front of Macy's in the Center area. Stroller Strides classes also include a free Luna Moms Club with playdates, fieldtrips and Moms Night Out events! For More information contact Natalie at 8139527277 or nataliejohnson@strollerstrides.net

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maternity Stimulus Savings!

I wanted to spread the word again that a well known maternity company and website is clearing out their warehouse and making room for new merchandise. Enjoy the economic stimulus for pregnant moms! You will find maternity designers all under one website. Designers like Japanese Weekend, Nicole Michelle Maternity, Olian Maternity, Habitual Jeans, Medela, Bravado Designs, Victoria Laurin and Baby to name a few all on sale!

Be sure to check out their website at http://www.hstmaternity.com/ while merchandise last!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Ultrasound for Moms Living in Wesley Chapel Area

I got wind that Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds in Wesley Chapel is needing pregnant moms between 12-13 1/2 weeks to help with completing their Continuing Education Course. All the sonographers are licensed. They are working towards continuing their education with studying new techniques in screening for first trimester defects.

To participate: You will need to be between 12-13 1/2 weeks gestation, practicing prenatal care, and have consent from your physician. With your Doctors consent, you can visit their beautiful ultrasound studio and participate in this FREE offer. You doesn't look to see their baby for FREE! You will receive a few snap shots of your baby as well!

Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds is currently scheduling by appointment only and will email you the course description to better inform your physician.

For your participation you will leave with a CD Rom of your baby's images that day! We can do a gender "prediction" that day. You can also you can receive their gender verification at 16 weeks for only $59! (reg $99)

If you are not pregnant and know someone who is, this is a great deal! Just wanted to share the opportunity with other moms!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Balancing the Time as a Mom

I was at a baseball practice a few days ago and another mom asked me, "how do you do things with 4 kids?" I sat there and looked at her for a moment and asked "I just do." To the outside world I must look like a crazy person with 4 kids. That is definately not the norm in this day and time.

It is amazing that if we sit down and write down all that we do in a single given day, it is overwhelming to see all that is jotted down on paper. Whether you are a stay at home mom, work at home mom or work outside out of the house, our jobs are not easy to say the least. Most dad's step back and let us take over.

I am very fortunate that I have a husband with a great job and we can pay the bills every month. I am classifying myself as a "work from home mom." I start the day with making lunches, feeding my 16 month old, getting the kids to the bus stop, 3 days a week helping out with babysitting my niece for a few hours a day, answering and scheduling appointments for a 4d ultrasound studio 3 days a week, running 2 websites and still trying to do the normal mom jobs around the house and at the grocery store. This doesn't include all the running around to ball practice and games for 3 kids.

So you are probably wondering, is this lady on some kind of medicine to keep her going?? Some days I do feel like I have to much on my mind to wind down. A glass of wine always helps!

I feel as moms we are givers and hardly take in return. We do have a job that gets little gratitude while our kids are young. We are very lucky to have had the opportunity to have children. Some days we might want to give them back for a while, but we do keep them as ours.
I have found that writing things done helps. I always feel good to check things off my list no matter how big or small the task is. When i see a long "to do" list, I do get overwhelmed and find myself doing the things that take the least amount of time. It may not show in the house, but I know that things were completed.
If you are feeling the stress of motherhood like myself, just know that you are not a lone. We have 18 short years to give to our kids, we do need to treasure them. In the long run it really doesn't matter how clean your house is, just knowing that you are there for your children and family is what matters most!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Highlighting a Local 3D/4D Business Owner

In today's economy, relationship and experience is "key" to keeping business and bringing in new business. I have had the pleasure of utilizing the Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds in Wesley Chapel (back then it was in Lutz) during the pregnancy of my 4th child. Over time, I have continued my relationship with the owner of that location, Erica Hoskins. I actually now work for her on a part time basis scheduling pregnant mommies ultrasound appointments. What a fun job I have fallen upon!

I love to hear business owner's stories and why they do what they do. Erica actually started 4 years ago after receiving her Associate in Science and then spent another 6 month internship at the Women's Group to focus on OB/GYN. Since 2004, she has performed close to 6000 scans in the field of OB/GYN for both diagnostic and at Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds for keepsake scans.

Erica is the owner and operator of the Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds in Wesley Chapel. I asked her what a pregnant mom should ask when finding a 3D/4D ultrasound location prior to having one? Are there any regulations?

  • There are no current regulations when it comes to 3D/4D ultrasound businesses. Anyone can buy a machine and open their doors to scan pregnant mommies.

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Do you have a redo policy? If so, what is it?

  • If you find something wrong, then what?

  • Why choose a ultrasound studio instead of just having it at your Dr's office?

She was great to provide a list of questions so I then asked her the same questions.

  • Since there are no regulations in this industry what makes you different? Erica replied, "My customers can feel confident that my location is owned and operated by a certified sonographer. My staff is also certified and currently working in the OB/GYN market outside of my office. I also have a GE Voluson ultrasound machine. This is the Golden Standard in the 3D/4D ultrasounds."

  • How long have you been in business? "Look Who's Kickin was created over 5 years ago and was the first in our area and has since branched out to multiple individually owned and operated locations. I have had my ultrasound studio for over 3 years."

  • What is your re-do policy? "We offer free re-do's on regular price packages."

  • If you find something wrong, then what? "Since we are trained sonographers, moms can feel confident in our skills. If we happen to see something out of the ordinary, we contact our on staff medical director with our findings. Our medical director then contacts the patients medical doctor."

  • Why have this at an ultrasound studio instead of the OB office? "We have found that in some cases, we are less expensive than having the 4D ultrasound performed in the OB's office. We have a relaxing spa like atmosphere and are paid to spend time with the couple."

This is such a exciting time in a pregnant couples lives. I had Erica perform my gender at 16 weeks for my last child. I also did the deluxe package at 30 weeks. I find myself looking at his pictures and remembering how it was while he was still in my belly. I captured all those precious memories as we all know, you can't do that moment in time over. From one mommy (in my case a mommy of 4) to another, Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds in Wesley Chapel is stop along your pregnancy that you don't want to miss!

For more information, contact them directly at 813-909-8080 or www.LookWhoskickin.com.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Easy Mac and Cheese by Kraft Foods~ Life Saver in a Pinch!

I was sent a sample of the Easy Mac and Cheese Dinner by Kraft Foods to try and see what I thought. I put it aside and said that I would eventually try it. With 4 kids in the house ranging from 16 months to 9 years old. We usually make 1-2 boxes of the normal size mac and cheese for one sitting.

I needed something quick and easy for the baby while at my mother in law's this weekend for a birthday party. I threw the pack into the diaper bag and went. My 1 year old did not want the food that was served but I knew that Mac and Cheese was on his approved list. I followed the directions and was a little skeptical about how it would turn out.

It was very easy and tasted almost as good as the box mac and cheese I make on the stove. All I needed was a spoon to fed him. No mess to clean up or measuring spoons. I would definately recommend this to moms that are on the go.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Support Group of Hernando County

A new support group is forming in Hernando county for families that have a loved one with Down's Syndrome. I have the pleasure of working with a childbirth educator and R.N. that is touched by this disease personally. Her passion has created a community support group to educate other families and give them a place to meet and play.

Family Support Group of Hernando County focuses on the Ups With Downs. More info about this wonderful group:

Meetings held on last Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.
Courtesy of Mr. Armadillo's Backyard located at 17055 Spring Hill Drive. The direct number is 352-754-8511.
Potluck refreshments, drinks provided
Family and friends are welcome to join as we play in a safe environment, talk and learn from one another about Down's Syndrome and available community support. There will be guest speakers every other month and quarterly newsletters.
For more information, Contact Daniele Stokes, R.N., C.C.C.E. at 352-442-7117 or upfordownshernando@live.com.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Every Stay at Home Mom Needs a Moms Group

You are probably thinking, baby is now here and what do i do with my self while my husband is at work. Baby doesn't fill that void for adult interaction and conversation. Do I really think I can do this "stay at home" thing and stay mentally sane???

I have personally been there and done that. With my first child, I was heavily involved in corporate america and the breadwinner in the house. I was antzy to go back after the first 6 weeks. Yes, I felt guilty about going back to work but I needed and craved the adult interaction. With baby #2, I joined my local moms support group when he was 3 weeks old. (Joshua is now 7 and starting 2nd grade. I still keep touch with a few of those special moms.) It was my one day to get myself ready and get out of the house. A time to remember what the "Old Sherri" was all about. I craved the conversation to know that I was normal and that everything I was feeling, someone else was feeling the same thing.

I am now running 2 businesses from home, 3 of the kids were either in school or Pre-K and I just had Caleb at home with me. I once again looked for a mom's group to join. I am sure you are wondering how to do you go about doing that. Some things to think about to start your research.

* Ask other moms in your neighborhood if they belong to a group

* Does your local hospital where you delivered have a support group

* Start with the La Leche League that meets every month in your town

* Check out Meetup.com. That is were I found a great group of women in my area.

* National non-for-profit chapters that have branching in your zip code or area

* Church that you attend

These are just some of the great places to find other women that know what you are going through. Don't be scared to visit the group in a public setting such as the mall or park. You will know right away if you feel comfortable with them. If you don't, there are plenty of other groups in your area to check out. If you still feel you haven't meet that right group, just start your own. Meetup.com is a great place to do that!
This is a picture of one of the many great field trips that we have experienced in our moms group. Now that I will have 3 of my 4 children in school next week. I really look forward to bonding with the new moms in the group and taking that special time away from distractions to enjoy my last baby. Cheers to many more fun meet ups and watching our little one's grow up together.

ItzaBitza is a hit!

I am expanding my wings and now reviewing products that are for mothers, pregnant mommies, babies, toddlers and children. On of my first assignments was to give the ItzaBitza a try. My kids were eager to open the box and see what this was all about. Once I showed my 9 year old how to put the cd in correctly and install the program, they were hooked. With being the last week of summer, they are bored stiff with things to play with in the house. I have 4 children and 3 of them are ages 5 to 9 years old. My 7 and 9 year old are really enjoying the game and come to tell me that they earned more points or money to unlock new games. My 5 year old does not read yet and is just getting ready to start kindergarten. I would recommend this to parents for a great way for the kids to learn as they play. The average price to buy this on the web is around $19.99. The box indicates that it won the 2008 Children's Technology Review For Excellence in Design. Also references ages 4+. I think it is for children that can read basic sight words on their own otherwise, the parent will need to assist in playing the games.