Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you have a product that you want reviewed?

I am a mom of 4 chidren under the age of 10. Some of my friends call me supermom~ hense the blog name... I have been in the marketing industry for over 15 years and now enjoy the life as a work at home mom (WAHM). Over my career as a mom, i have had the pleasure of writing a few articles for various national publications on baby and maternity products and running a small business.

If you are a new company or a company that would like to take advantage of the new "viral marketing" concept, I enjoy reviewing products. I give my true opinion and tell it as it is. As we all know, moms are the top spenders in any household. We call the shots in most cases and rely on other moms opinions when making our decisions on products and services.

Contact me if you would like your product considered for a review on my blog.

Have a wonderful holiday season to all!

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