Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Ultrasound for Moms Living in Wesley Chapel Area

I got wind that Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds in Wesley Chapel is needing pregnant moms between 12-13 1/2 weeks to help with completing their Continuing Education Course. All the sonographers are licensed. They are working towards continuing their education with studying new techniques in screening for first trimester defects.

To participate: You will need to be between 12-13 1/2 weeks gestation, practicing prenatal care, and have consent from your physician. With your Doctors consent, you can visit their beautiful ultrasound studio and participate in this FREE offer. You doesn't look to see their baby for FREE! You will receive a few snap shots of your baby as well!

Look Who's Kickin Ultrasounds is currently scheduling by appointment only and will email you the course description to better inform your physician.

For your participation you will leave with a CD Rom of your baby's images that day! We can do a gender "prediction" that day. You can also you can receive their gender verification at 16 weeks for only $59! (reg $99)

If you are not pregnant and know someone who is, this is a great deal! Just wanted to share the opportunity with other moms!

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